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Welcome to Young Talent Club

Young Talent Club got established in 1984. Since then, Young Talent Club has played a vital role in social welfare activities such as:

· Helping the needy by providing the basic necessities.
· Providing basic funds for their basic purchasing commodities.
· Establishing several educational institutes.
· Taking part in providing aid people who have faced natural disaster.
· Providing medical facilities to people who have faced acid burns.
· Providing shelter and care to mentally ill old age person.

About Us

Young Talent Club was originally founded by Sardar Ahmed Khan and he was the famous scholar of Hindu-Pak region. Sardar Ahmed Khan’s father was Maulvi Muhammad Akramullah Khan Nadvi. He was being thought by Maulana Shibli Naumani.

He was also a representative of “All India Muslim League Educational Conference” and was the Chief Editor of “All India Muslim League Educational Conference Gazette”. He also developed a “Muslim Education Society” in Sukkhur.

Through this society, he also developed a well known educational institute namely “Islamia College” where every subject were taught such as Science, Commerce, Engineering and Arts, and M.A. was also taught in various subjects such as Sindhi, History, Geography, English and other subjects. He was also the principle of the college.

Latest News
Young Talent Club is now working on this plot which is located in Surjani town to open a school for the society.
Photo Gallery
G.Sec Sardar kaleem A. Khan Razmi took over a Government School in Karachi in 2009. (Gaud lou Scheme)